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Subramaniam Brothers Private Ltd

We are Manufacturers of High Quality Student Note books of all sizes/ bindings like Hard bound, Soft Bound, Spiral /rulings etc in attractive wrappers using pure Maplitho paper under the Trade Mark Name SB and Cuckoo.Our Practical/ record Note books for engineering and science college students are very popular and bought by number of Engineering and science colleges. Apart from these we produce special stationery products like Writing Pads/ Fancy Memopads, Vistors Book, Telephone Index, Account Books, Slam books, Steno note books,   Diaries, Divine Picture Posters etc. Our Publication division publishes Subject Based note books in Management, Medical, engineering, computer science,  Information technology etc which are first of its kind in the world. In plastics division we manufacture Polypropylene based PP files, folders,  pouches  and other plastic stationery products.

As an experienced company we supply our products all over India, serving a wide range of wholesale, retail, corporate, colleges/ schools, office customers and general public.

Students Note Books

Student books of all sizes/ pages/ bindings/ rulings in attractive wrappers. Also made to order. Record/practical note books  for engineering/ science students with graph/ semi log sheets. All books made out of high quality Maplitho paper/ Imported paper .Subject based note books for major disciplines  is first of its kind in the world.

Writing Pads / Diaries

Writing Pads in 40/80 sheets in A/4 , A/5, FC,  sizes plain and ruled with attractive wrapper designs. Paper, is imported 70 GSM Bond paper light blue color for Unimaginable writing pleasure. Diaries are made with with high quality paper and has attractive designs and wrappers. They are  made to order and are very reasonable priced.

Fancy / Stationery Items

Fancy stationery Products contain memo pads of popular vegetable/ medicine bottles/ automotives/telephones/fax machine/apple/bananas etc., shapes which is first of its kind in the world. These memo pads are so innovative and attractive that they can be used as Gift items. They can be used for complimentary items by corporates commercial establishments.Each commercial establishment can choose from these memo pads as per their nature of business for gifting. Slam books/ Steno books/ spiral note books (both plastic/metal spirals) visitors books, button type/ Plastic cover type note books etc are produced.

PP Files & Folders

PP Files and Folders of different sizes, varieties and for different are produced. Files with imported clips of 1.7mm/ 3.0mm etc of all varieties like Punchless/ punch type. Button type PP bags for documents, L shaped plastic files for conferences, Business card folders, Cheque folders etc  all of very high quality Plastic sheets and clips.

Divine Pictures / Stickers

Divine Pictures/Posters of all gods printed  in attractive imported art paper with multi color offset printing. These are suitable for all religious occasions for worship and gifting. Attractive Natural scenery photos for nature lovers. Stickers printed on multicolor offset with divine pictures for sticking from autos to all surfaces.

AccountBooks / Telephone Index

Account books with Two/ three columns suitable for all types of businesses and in all standard sizes.. These are printed on offset machines for sharp ruling.Also contains some important information in respect Indian laws relating to accounting /formulae and ratios and accounting methods. Telephone index books in A/4, A/5 / A/6 with Imported UK paper contain provisions for storing all types of communication Numbers and addresses.

MD's Message

SB note books are made from the finest paper at lowest prices to assist the student community. We offer range of note books in all sizes and binding in attractive designs. Our  Subject based note books covering important subjects from Management to Medical subjects, from Engineering  to Computer science, from Nuclear science to History, is a referral guide with important Historical Data  of Events and brief dictionary, designed and published specially to help students in their job placements. It specially helps students in their job interviews. These subject note books are first of its kind in the world.Our Writing pads are elegantly designed with good quality paper for writing pleasure. Our range of products include Visitors books, Autograph, Account books, Fancy memo pads, Telephone index , Steno note books,Divine pictures and Posters etc. Our Plastic Stationery Division produces high quality low priced PP office files/ folders, business card folders, Button document folders, stick files, clip files, Punch less clip files, L shaped conference folders etc. Our main aim is to provide quality products to public at large especially student community. We strive to improve our quality with a motto of keeping down our prices.

Offset Printing

We undertake commercial offset printing DTP designing / publishing / brochure printing / book finishing / note book manufacturing of all types and varieties for third parties in our sophisticated printing press.


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